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Big Chief CDT Cartridges 1G – Triple Scoops


Big Chief CDT Cartridges 1G – Triple Scoops Triple Scoops CDT Cartridges by Big Chief is a triple threat. From the precious stone cleaned trichomes to its flavor and high. This fantastic indica-dominant strain offers a loosening up high making it the best strain for a peaceful night at home with a decent organization. With…


Big Chief CDT Cartridges 1G – Triple Scoops

About this strain: Triple Scoops

Triple Scoop is a marginally indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa). Made through crossing the exemplary Very Silver Murkiness X Grape LA X Sorbet strains. This big name youngster welcomes on the ideal flavor and even high that is perfect for any individual who cherishes a sluggish hybrid.
This bud has a taste similar as a triple scoop of various fruity frozen yogurts. With sweet and velvety vanilla highlighted by new berries and harsh citrus. The fragrance follows a similar profile, in spite of the fact that with an eminent punch of ready grapes to it, as well. The Triple Scoop is comparably wonderful, with enduring impacts that will make them feel sluggish and torpid right away. The high beginnings with a speedy one-two punch of euphoric impacts. Filling both brain and body with a light-as-air feel. That is totally liberated from any throbs or torments, both physical and mental. You’ll feel completely kicked back and sluggish before you at last disappear into a long and serene rest.
In blend with its high 14-20% typical THC level. These impacts make Triple Scoop ideal for treating constant weakness, gloom, persistent torment, queasiness or hunger misfortune. Ongoing pressure or uneasiness and emotional episodes. This bud has fat adjusted dim olive green nugs with purple connotations, ruddy orange hairs and a covering of chilly small purple-colored white precious stone trichomes.


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