Big Chief

Big Chief THC Cartridge 1G – Biscotti


Big Chief THC Cartridge 1G – Biscotti Biscotti THC Cartridge by Big Chief is a hybrid strain. With a crazy yet sweet flavor combo suggestive of new heated products and diesel. It accompanies a surge of impacts and that will make them laugh perpetually into a condition of delight. About This Strain: Biscotti Biscotti A…


Big Chief THC Cartridge 1G – Biscotti

Is Biscotti a body high or head high?

Given the subjectivity of cannabis, and because of every individual’s interesting endocannabinoid framework, weed strains hit individuals in an unexpected way. What is a head high for you may even more a body high for other people, as well as the other way around. That is you at times get such a great many depictions for a similar strain.

All things considered, you frequently hear that Biscotti initiates both a head and a body high. At first, you will feel a cerebral flood of elation, keeping you ready and cheerful. Then, over the natural course of time, a flood of actual unwinding will kick in, causing you to feel laid back without getting lethargic. With everything taken into account, the full-bodied experience will leave you thinking “Correct, this is some fine weed.”


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